Mangools Review – Why you should use it for SEO?


Are you confused about whether to use Mangools for your SEO campaigns or not? If yes, then read this complete Mangools review to make an informed decision.

Earlier, large organizations with thousands of dollars to spend on marketing used to be the only ones that could afford premium SEO tools.

However, Mangools is an excellent alternative for small business owners and bloggers who couldn’t imagine spending a lot of money on these services.

This Mangools review will share everything there is to know about Mangools and its 5-in-1 SEO toolbox. You’ll learn what Mangools is and how it can help you expand your online business.

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What is Mangools?

Mangools is an SEO tool that is seen as a less expensive alternative to Ahrefs and SEMrush. It is a collection of five apps:

  • KWFinder
  • SERPWatcher
  • SERPChecker
  • SiteProfiler
  • LinkMiner

You’ll be able to log into your dashboard after creating an account, where you’ll see all the five apps that you can use, as well as usage restrictions for each tool based on your subscription. Let’s look at how to use each of these five tools.

1. KWFinder

kwfinder review

KWFinder assists you in determining the optimal keywords for your website and content. It has more features than any other keyword tool in the market.

If you’re still using Google’s Keyword Planner for keyword research, KWFinder will astound you.

Trends, Search Volume, Cost per Click, and Term Difficulty are just a few of the significant metrics provided by KWFinder for each keyword. It also offers three categories of keywords: Suggestions, Autocomplete, and Questions.

The considerable aspect of KWFinder is that you can view vital facts about the target term and what websites rank for it, and each keyword recommendation on the side. KWFinder is a significant improvement over other free keyword tools, and it is the most acceptable Google Keyword Planner replacement.

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2. SERPWatcher

serpwatcher - mangools review

It is Mangools’ rank tracker. It allows you to track your rankings and monitor how your SEO efforts are affecting your keyword ranks.

SERPWatcher is a typical rank tracker, similar to almost any other tool available.

You may view your ranking, expected traffic, whether your term is trending up or down, search volume, and additional information.

You’ll notice the Performance Index on the right, which offers you a broad picture of how all of your keywords are performing.

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3. SERPChecker

serpchecker review

This tool will give you a better idea of the SERPs you’ll be entering with your page. To use it, pick a target keyword and enter it in the keyword field. The SERPChecker results are beneficial.

The keyword difficulty for the target keyword is displayed first, followed by the SERP Features Impact. The SERP Features Impact is a valuable tool that shows how busy the SERP is for your desired phrase. The SERP Features Impact displays which Google features are active on the page.

Overall, SERPChecker is a helpful tool that can provide you with a lot of information.

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4. SiteProfiler

siteprofiler - mangools review

SiteProfiler allows you to quickly profile your competitors’ websites as well as your own. You can examine all critical domain authority metrics at one spot, including Domain Authority, Page Authority, Citation Flow, and Trust Flow.

It will also provide you with detailed graphs on Referring IPs, Alexa Rank, and Facebook-Shares. It also displays a Total backlinks graph. The Anchor Texts box is the most excellent element of this tool. It reveals the exact anchor text that your competitors are employing.

This allows you to plan out your anchor text. If you want to rank higher than the competition, you’ll need not only the same number of backlinks as them but also similar anchor texts.

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5. LinkMiner

linkminer - mangools review

It is Mangools’ backlink checker. Unlike SEMrush, Moz, and Ahrefs, it does not have its link indices. Instead, it relies on Majestic SEO for its data.

This is a good thing because Majestic SEO is a premium backlink checker that competes with Ahrefs in terms of index size and crawler speed. The data from LinkMiner is copied from Majestic, so you’ll receive a lot of bang for your buck.

LinkMiner may be used to examine the backlink profiles of entire domains as well as individual pages. Please type in your desired URL and wait for it to work its magic.

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Mangools’ Pricing

Mangools’ pricing is reasonable when compared to other SEO tools. The Basic plan is ideal for those who are just getting started. When compared to Mangools, most SEO tools give next to nothing on their basic plans.

In comparison to Mangools, their basic plans feel like a trial. When you put your money on Mangools, you receive 5 SEO tools for $30 a month to help you dominate your niche. Even on the most basic subscription, you’ll have access to all of Mangools’ tools and features, which are far more than you’ll ever need as a small business or blogger.

Mangools’ Pros and Cons

While carrying out the Mangools review, our opinion of Mangools is primarily positive, and the reason for this is quite simple. Mangools is a high-quality product.

However, it has some flaws in a few crucial areas, which we shall also cover.


  • It offers a complete SEO toolkit. Mangools appears to be a one-stop-shop for all of your SEO requirements. With this tool, you can handle the entire SEO aspect of your blog or business with ease.
  • Mangools’ app and dashboard offer a fantastic user experience. They are simple, sleek, and user-friendly. Even a complete newbie can learn how to use the tool in 10 minutes or less.
  • It has an excellent link index. Link building is critical for SEO, and LinkMiner and its Majestic-powered index give you the tools you need to succeed.
  • It is pretty affordable as compared to its competitors. The cheapest plan is $29.90/month if you go for an annual subscription. It includes access to all five applications as well as a reasonable usage quota. Even the most expensive plan is about three times less costly than Ahrefs’ top plan.


  • Mangools 5 apps are not integrated; therefore, when you use Mangools toolset, you are using five independent tools simultaneously.
  • Mangools is missing out on several of the features that its key competitors have. Ahrefs, for example, includes a tool called Content Explorer that can help you locate content that has been shared a lot.
  • The free trial quota is minimal – you may only track ten keywords, run five keyword searches each day, profile three websites, and collect 2000 backlink rows data with Mangools’ 10-day free trial.

Final Thoughts

The above were the findings from our Mangools review. If you’re seeking a low-cost SEO solution that is also user-friendly, Mangools might be the option for you.

You’ll be able to conduct keyword research, explore SERPs, track your ranks, and examine backlinks from competitors.

It consists of a robust feature set, as well as a fantastic user interface. It offers a good value for your money, and it’s ideal for beginners.

Sure, it misses out on some of the more advanced capabilities seen in tools like SEMrush, but it is also significantly less expensive. It also solves the problem of being overwhelmed by many tools you may or may not use.