How To Bulk Delete All Facebook Messages At Once?


We all love Facebook as it lets us easily connect with our loved ones and stay in touch with them. As we spend more time chatting with our friends, our inbox usually gets full, and it is difficult for us to find important conversations or messages quickly later.

What if you want to clean your Facebook inbox? Unfortunately, there is no option to bulk delete all conversations on Facebook. In this tutorial, I will share a straightforward method to bulk delete Facebook messages.

So, if you are looking for a way to clean your Facebook inbox, then do check out this tutorial by the very end.

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Bulk delete Facebook messages in one click using Fast Delete Facebook™ Messages Chrome extension

To mass delete Facebook messages, we will use a Chrome extension named Fast Delete Facebook™ Messages.

I have around 300+ messages in my inbox, and it took about 10-15 minutes to delete all messages. If you have a less number of messages in your inbox, then this Chrome extension will work faster.

Here is the screenshot of my inbox before using this Chrome extension.

facebook messages

The best part of this Chrome extension was that I was able to monitor conversations being deleted on my Facebook profile.

Do note that this Chrome extension will delete all your messages and there is no way for you to recover them back. Therefore, think twice before using this method. 😉

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Let’s now see the steps.

Step 1: Install Fast Delete Facebook™ Messages Chrome extension from here.

Step 2: Now, open your Facebook messages and click on the icon of this Chrome extension. You will see the option to open your messages, as shown in the screenshot below.

fast delete facebook messages chrome extension

Click on the Step1. OPEN MESSAGES option. The Chrome extension will then redirect you to your Facebook messages.

Step 3: After your Facebook inbox is open, click on the Chrome extension icon again and select the second option, i.e., STEP 2. DELETE ALL MESSAGES.

mass delete facebook messages

A warning message will pop up on your screen that you are about to delete all of your messages. Click on the “Yes, delete button”, and the Chrome extension will start deleting your messages one by one.

After all of your messages are deleted, you will see a success message.

Here is the screenshot of my inbox after all my messages were deleted.

all facebook messages deleted

Do not close this tab unless the process is complete. If you accidentally close the tab, then you can repeat the steps to delete the remaining messages.

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Wrapping Up

We all love chatting on Facebook, but the more we chat, the more messages we see in our inbox. The chances of losing an important message amid these conversations are most likely, or it gets difficult to find specific discussions. In my case, I had around 400-500 chat conversations, and people usually connect with me to get help or advice on their career or website optimizations.

Therefore, I decided to clean up my inbox to give a fresh start and not lose any crucial conversations in the future. Here, I shared a simple method to bulk delete Facebook messages which you can also use to clean your inbox and take a sigh of relief.

In case, you have any issues, then do let me know in the comments section and I will help you along the way. Also, do not forget to subscribe to our newsletter to receive all the latest updates.

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