60 Best SEO Quotes From Experts And Influencers


It is a well-known fact that SEO is one of the best ways to increase the targeted audience on your website. From basic on-page SEO fixes to working day and night to build quality backlinks – SEO is getting difficult day by day. And there are times when we don’t see the expected results.

But as SEO professionals, we should apply critical thinking and audit our current strategies. Take a moment and explore these SEO quotes by experts and influencers to gain a different perspective. I have hand-picked SEO quotes from famous personalities such as Brian Dean, Matt Cutts, Neil Patel, etc. Read till the very end to fine-tune your SEO understanding and upgrade your current strategy.

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60 Best SEO Quotes from Experts and Influencers

1. “SEO Isn’t About Gaming the System Anymore; It’s About Learning How to Play by the Rules.” — Jordan Teicher

seo quotes by jordan teicher

2. “Links from high-authority sites send a trust signal to Google. It’s like having somebody vouch for you. The more people that vouch for you, the more trustworthy you are.” — Neil Patel

3. “If you’re not meeting your visitors’ needs, it doesn’t matter how ‘optimized’ your site is.” — Stoney deGeyter

4. “Good SEO work only gets better over time. It’s only search engine tricks that need to keep changing when the ranking algorithms change.” — Jill Whalen

5. “If you’re going to post content on your site anyway, you might as well take the time to make sure Google takes notice of your effort.” — The Content Factory

seo quotes by the content factory

6. “This Is the Era of Less Is More with SEO.” — Adam Audette

7. “SEO is no longer just a job title, it has become part of everyone’s job description” — Rand Fishkin

8. “It is not the job of search engine optimization to make a pig fly. It is the job of the SEO to genetically re-engineer the Web site so that it becomes an eagle.” — Bruce Clay

9. “As an expert, the goal is to provide the best information for Google to identify that you have the best information and show it to users.” — Tim Soulo

10. “If you’re going to build a website, make sure to have a website that Google would be embarrassed not to rank for its main keywords.” — Barry Schwartz

best seo quotes by barry schwartz

11. “Optimise for what would happen if you ranked, do not optimise to rank.” — Will Critchlow

12. “You can’t just ‘SEO’ your website and be done. It’s a forever moving goal post.” — Stoney deGeyter

13. “The best place to hide a dead body is page two of Google.” — Unknown

14. “Think about what a user is going to type.” — Matt Cutts

15. “The success of a page should be measured by one criteria: Does the visitor do what you want them to do?” — Aaron Wall

seo quotes by aaron wall

16. “To educate is not just the best way to sell. It’s also the best way to build links.” — Jason Acidre

17. “Content is anything that adds value to the reader’s life.” — Avinash Kaushik

18. “Effective Search Engine Optimization Requires a Commitment, Not a Campaign.” — James Reynolds

19. “Never lose sight of the fact that all SEO ranking signals revolve around content of some kind.” — Duane Forrester

20. “The objective is not to “make your links appear natural”; the objective is that your links are natural.” — Matt Cutts

seo quotes by matt cutts

21. “Don’t focus on having a great blog. Focus on producing a blog that’s great for your readers.” — Brian Clark

22. “Integrating your search and social efforts bring better brand visibility and higher conversion rates.” — Jim Yu

23. “SEO is an ever-changing world, what’s best now may not become the best tomorrow.” — Unknown

24. “Good SEO Is Paying Attention to All the Details That Most Bloggers Ignore.” — Ryan Biddulph

25. “On-page SEO is no longer satisfied by raw keyword use. Matching keywords to searcher INTENT is critical.” — Rand Fishkin

26. “What gets measured gets improved.” — Peter Drucker

27. “The objective is not to make your links appear natural, the objective is that your links are natural.” — Matt Cutts

28. “No website can stand without a strong backbone. And that backbone is technical SEO.” — Neil Patel

29. “You can say #SEO is even more important for local businesses as it makes you easier to find in your area.” — Larry Kim

30. “The slower your sites load, the more visitors and revenue you’ll lose out on.” — Anna Crowe

seo quotes by anna crowe

31. “Consistency is key. Whenever you start, give your audience something to look forward to.” — Julia McCoy

32. “SEO audits are one of the most important things you can do as you strive to increase traffic to your website.” — Chase Reiner

33. “Instead of interrupting, work on attracting.” — Dharmesh Shah

34. “When taking a content-first approach, our job as marketers is not to create more content … it’s to create the minimum amount of content with the maximum amount of results.” — Robert Rose

35. “Social may be sexy, but search still pays the bills.” — Tom Pick

seo quotes by tom pick

36. “SEO is like a resume, you polish it so you have your best foot forward.” — Matt Cutts

37. “SEO is only not seen as rocket science by those who already know it.” — Danny Sullivan

38. “The links that people are most likely to follow are the ones that end up carrying the most weight.” — Bill Slawski

39. “You can’t just ‘SEO’ your website and be done. It’s a forever moving goal post.” — Stoney deGeyter

40. “The only way to differentiate is to put out even higher quality content than the rest.” — Noah Kagan

seo quotes by noah kagan

41. “SEO will only get harder!” — Matt Cutts

42. “SEO is a marketing function for sure, but it needs to be baked into a product, not slapped on like icing after the cake is baked.” — Duane Forrester

43. “You can chase whatever keywords and phrases you like, but at the end of the day it’s all about those conversions.” — Matt Webb

44. “Marketing has never been about keywords, it’s about people.” —  Simon Penson

45. “Optimize for what would happen IF you ranked, do not optimize to rank.” — Will Critchlow

46. “Organizations who can’t match up in content creation and promotion may find themselves losing out to content marketers who learn the basics of SEO.” — Rand Fishkin

47. “Content Marketing has become the catalyst that fuels search and social media activity.” — Jim Yu

48. “Marketing has never been about keywords, it’s about people.” — Simon Penson

49. “Don’t be afraid to get creative and experiment with your marketing.” — Mike Volpe

50.“The future of SEO is here: understanding and marketing to specific and defined audiences through search engines.” — Adam Audette

51. “It’s a good idea to understand how to work [Bing and Google] for maximum SEO and ranking benefit.” — Debra Mastaler

52. “On average, 8 out of 10 people will read your headline copy, but only 2 out of 10 will read the rest.” — Brian Clark

53. “SEO is not SPAM.” — Matt Cutts

54. “Content is the reason search began in the first place.” — Lee Odden

55. “Some say Google is God. Others say Google is Satan. But if they think Google is too powerful, remember that with search engines, unlike other companies, all it takes is a single click to go to another search engine.” — Sergey Brin

56. “Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.” — Andrew Davis

57. “Empower your readers with social sharing buttons.” — Mike Stelzner

58. “The ultimate search engine would basically understand everything in the world, and it would always give you the right thing. And we’re a long, long ways from that.” — Larry Page

59. “SEO is not a checklist” — Pierre Far

60. SEO is a marketing function for sure, but it needs to be baked into a product, not slapped on like icing after the cake is baked.” — Duane Forrester

Closing Thoughts

With this, we sum up our list of 60 best SEO quotes by industry experts and influencers. Do let us know which quote about SEO did you like the most in the comments section. Feel free to share these quotes on your social media profiles to share these deep insights on SEO.

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