5 Best Free VPN Software To Hide Your IP Address

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Here I have compiled a list of the 5 best free VPN software that you can use to hide IP addresses and access restricted websites in your region.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) gives you anonymity on the internet and conceals your IP address. It establishes a secure tunnel through which your digital traffic lets you connect to the public internet network. A VPN shields your IP address and protects your data and digital privacy.

People sign up for Virtual Private Network services. They provide encrypted connections that ensure your anonymity across the internet, even from people who use the same Wi-Fi network as you.

It protects your information and the IP address from the virtual peering eye. Refer using this article from RouterLogin to get more insights about IP addresses.

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5 Best Free VPN Software To Hide Your IP Address

A Virtual Private Network also allows you to access websites that are blocked in your region. With these VPN services, you can fake your location and access restricted websites.

VPN Services and software are relatively easy to access and use. They can be installed on your devices or used as an extension along with your default browser.

Most VPN services are paid, making people unfamiliar with them and their purpose hesitant to try them out.

Let’s now explore the 5 best free VPN software that you can use to fake your GPS location and hide your IP address.

1. Speedify

Speedify provides free VPN services and allows you to connect to multiple internet channels using Channel Bonding, making your web surfing faster and more dependable. It can be accessed across various devices and has the same interface, user-friendly, and easy to navigate.

You also can choose either the TCP or UDP network protocols, and it transitions smoothly in case of Network changes from Wi-Fi to the Cellular Network or vice versa.

Many people prefer Speedify not because of the VPN service but because of its Channel Bonding and command over failovers in networks, making a speedy user experience. Upload speeds via Speedify are faster than ever and also provides secure data encryption for your internet access.

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2. HideMe

HideMe is a VPN provider that aids your online safety. It provides both free and paid services for you to choose from and is one of the most reliable VPNs in the market.

It keeps no logs, and the encryption extends even beyond the browser.

HideMe conceals your IP address, keeps your data encrypted, and is also compatible with TOR, providing added security to you as you surf the web. It also works with torrenting and can be used for secure downloads.

It also has a built-in internet kill switch, which will protect your privacy even if the VPN connection drops and protects your data.

3. Windscribe

Windscribe is a free Canada based VPN provider and AdBlock service, Which encrypts your browsing activity and blocks advertisements. It lets you access data from around the world, even from resources that the government might have restricted in your region.

It also protects your DNS records and does not track your data. Windscribe comes with a generous data limit of 10GB per month for free and lets you block IP networks.

Windscribe is a reliable VPN service that protects from DNS and IP leaks and allows Torrenting on most of its networks. It is a dependable option for free VPN Software.

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4. ProtonVPN

ProtonVPN is a free VPN provider with no ads or speed limits. It sends your internet traffic through encrypted networks that are very reliable and keeps your data and browsing activities safe.

It does not record your information and activity, ensuring that it does not share your activity log with third parties and lets you access the internet safely.

ProtonVPN maintains your privacy on the internet and is a highly dependable Virtual Private Network provider with encryption.

You can also integrate ProtonVPN with TOR, which provides additional security.

5. TunnelBear

TunnelBear encrypts your connection to the internet and routes your digital traffic through a secure VPN tunnel. It is available for all your devices, and it is easy to use an app-based VPN provider.

It lets you access content from all over the globe and surpasses all censorship placed on the content in your region.

TunnelBear protects your IP address and covers your browsing activity. It has no data logging, which implies that TunnelBear does not record your logs and provides you with security and privacy on the internet.

The best part of TunnelBear is that it has an attractive interface with bright and beautiful colors.  You can use it with immense ease and fortify your online security.

TunnelBear cares significantly about your anonymity and adheres to protecting it. It has one of the best privacy policies that inform you about its working and the information to which it has access.

Final Thoughts

In today’s world, information is quite literally everything. Therefore you should be vigilant and try to secure your data with these free VPN services.

Moreover, a Virtual Private Network protects us and makes us less susceptible to IP and DNS leaks, breaching our data and privacy when browsing the web. Our digital footprint makes us vulnerable.

We have to be conscious of the data we give sites access to and what third parties might be working with them. VPNs secure your data, mask your details using encryptions, and provide a reliable gateway for your digital traffic.